Tasks that can be Undertaken by Care/ Support Worker

Assistance/ Administration of:

  • Oral medication (including controlled drugs)- Tablets, capsules, liquids, lozenges, powders, buccal/sublingual tablets
  • Topically applied preparations- Creams, ointments, lotions, scalp applications and skin patches (disposable gloves must be worn when applying these).
  • Inhalers– This includes inhalers and space devices, some of which through the use of compliance aids may be successfully self-administered
  • Eye drops- Compliance aids are available to enable service users to instil eye drops themselves or with minimal assistance.
  • Ear or nose drops
  • Medication patches
  • Changing of catheter bags
  • Mouth washes

Assistance with:

  • Ordering
  • Storage
  • Disposal (return to pharmacist)


If a client asks you to administer any medication that isn’t detailed on the MAR chart, that they had purchased over the counter, including herbal remedies you must support them to seek advice or seek it yourself prior to administration to ensure it does not interact with their other medication. Record the outcome of the conversation with the pharmacy on the medication log.


Only undertake tasks detailed in the Support Plan as these are agreed and risk assessed.

Always seek the client’s permission before undertaking any task.

Contact Line Manager for advice as required

Use to answer question 13.5vi of the Care Certificate

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