Barriers in Alerting or Referring to Relevant Agencies

The Actions to Take if you Experience Barriers in Alerting or Referring to Relevant Agencies

Whistleblowing is the reporting of unsafe or illegal practices in the workplace. You have a responsibility to report things that you feel are not right, are illegal, of if anyone at work is neglecting their duties.

If you feel that you need to report any of the above speak to your line manager or follow Active’s whistleblowing procedure. If it is someone or something that is happening outside of Active and you are concerned about an individual’s safety (for example another organisation that is failing to acknowledge that that abuse is happening) you may need to raise this with the individual’s advocate, Care Direct, the Care Quality Commission (CQC) or the police.

If you raise a concern with the CQC the information you give them will be dealt with in confidence, and you can raise concerns anonymously. The CQC have a quick guide to whistleblowing or guidance for workers that gives helpful advice on speaking out about poor care and what protection you will have from the law.

You can find out more information her: www.cqc.org.uk/content/report-concern-if-you-are-member-staff

Use to answer question 10.4c of the Care Certificate

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