The Importance of Individualised, Person Centered Care

What is Person Centred Care

Person centred care means working together with the individual to plan their care and support to meet an individual’s unique needs. This cuts down the risk of negative, unfair or harmful treatment and neglect. The individual is put at the centre, able to choose and control how they want their care and support to be.

Why is Person Centred Care Important

Person centred care should help the individual make choices, assess and take risks. It is important the individual understands the consequences of the decisions they could make. For example, if a friend brings an individual food on a hot day that has been out of the fridge for a while, it is the individuals right to weigh up whether or not it is likely to make them ill and decide if they should eat it. In this way those who receive care and support can contribute to their own safeguarding.



Use to answer question 10.2b of the Care Certificate

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