Code of Behaviour

Code of Behaviour

Active is committed to working within the West Yorkshire consortium procedures and Ofsted rules for

Childcare on non-domestic premises (at our centres)

Active are committed to:

  • Treating children and young people with respect and dignity;
  • Always listening to what a child or young person is saying;
  • Valuing each child and young person;
  • Recognising the unique contribution each individual can make;
  • Encouraging and praising each child or young person.

Setting a Good Example

Staff are required to:

  • Lead by example in practising appropriate behaviour at all times
  • Use appropriate language with children and young people and challenge any inappropriate language used by a young person or child, or an adult working with young people;
  • Respect a young person’s right to privacy.

Physical Contact

Staff should never:

  • Engage in sexually provocative games,
  • Do things of a personal nature for a child or a young person that they can do for themselves
  • Allow, or engage in, inappropriate touching of any kind.


Staff should:

  • Be aware that someone might misinterpret actions no matter how well intentioned;
  • Never draw any conclusions about others without checking the facts;
  • Never exaggerate or trivialise child abuse issues or make suggestive remarks or gestures about such issues, especially to a child or young person, even in jest.
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