Gifts, Gratuities and Bequests



Active complies with the requirements of Care Quality Commission and Fundamental Standards in relation to setting out its procedures regarding gifts, gratuities and bequests.

It is the policy of Active to implement robust systems to ensure that all financial transactions with Clients are above suspicion and are conducted in a professional and transparent way

It is the policy of the Company that all gift(s), whether cash or other items are notified immediately to the Manager, who will then determine whether the gift(s) can be accepted.

For the avoidance of doubt, staff must not

1.Enter into any financial transaction whatsoever with a Service User or any Representative of a Service User including the borrowing or lending of monies or property

2.Accept any gifts from clients or their carers

3.Sell anything to, borrow anything from or exchange anything with a Service User or their Representative. (The reference to the words sell, borrow or exchange in the preceding sentence shall include any attempt to sell, borrow or exchange)

4.Use retail loyalty cards and special offers for their own benefit. This includes nectar points

5.Act as Witness to the signing of any legal documents

6.Benefit from Clients’ wills or bequests

  • If a Personal Assistant becomes aware that they, or members of their family, or other interested parties, are named in a Client’s will, they must report this to the Manager immediately
  • A record of all gift(s) will be made and held at the Company’s office for the safety of both the Client and Personal Assistant
  • Any member of staff who breaches the policy will be dealt with through the disciplinary procedure
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