Summary of Employment Rights

Your employment rights come under the following main headings: (See your separate topics in the Staff Handbook for more details)

a)The right to fair and equal treatment and protection from unlawful discrimination (under the Equality Act 2010) some of these rights apply from the point at which you seek employment or apply for a job as well as to when you are offered, take up and work in a post. This also includes maternity rights for pregnant mothers; leave after the birth of a baby to mothers and fathers (maternity and paternity leave);the right to equal pay etc.
b)The right to health and safety at work.
c)The right to at least nationally agreed minimum wages.
d)Working time rights (e.g. the time limits on a working week or shift; the right to lunch breaks, annual leave and sick leave.)
e)The right to join a union and to be represented by someone in cases of dispute with the employer.
f)The right to challenge being dismissed from a post if you feel it is illegal or unfair or breaks your contract.
g)The right to a written statement of particulars.
h)The right to at least unpaid leave to deal with a crisis for someone for whom you are an informal carer.
i)The right to sick pay after being off work through your own ill health for 4 or more consecutive days, if you receive the qualifying weekly pay (information about this can be found on www.gov.uk/statutory-sick-pay/eligibility).


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