How People can Gain Inspiration and Address their own Spirituality

There are various ways in which people can address their own spirituality and gain inspiration (see below). It is important to find ways to support and encourage individuals to fulfil these needs to maintain their sense of identity and self-esteem.

Examples of how people can address their own spirituality   (Answers question 5.6c)

  • Formal religious observance either done alone or in a place of worship with others in a formal way
  • Participation in or experiencing creative arts (singing, dance, music, drawing and painting, writing, theatre, reading novels, plays, poetry etc.)
  • Participating in activities where there is contact with like minded people e.g. feeling inspired by community action groups; discussion groups; engaging in educational courses
  • Philosophical and moral thinking

Examples of how people can gain inspiration

Activities which inspire people such as

  • Participation in sports either on a team basis or alone
  • Visiting places of natural beauty
  • Feeling fulfilled by assisting others or giving to others (altruism) e.g. voluntary work, contributing to charity work
  • Being in the presence of a particular person such as a spouse or partner

It is important to remember that what one person might feel inspired and spiritually exhilarated by an activity which might not have the same effect on someone else participating in sports or the arts are examples of these.

Some people gain inspiration and spirituality from doing solitary tasks, others by doing them with other people of from a combination of these.

Use to answer question 5.6c of the Care Certificate

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