Raising concerns directly with the individual concerned

Examples of where someone’s actions have caused distress to someone else and you have raised them directly with the person:

  • A client is making a high pitch noise because they are happy, a member of the public is staring and making comments that the client needs to be quiet. The staff member explains to the member of the public that the client is Autistic and is communicating that they are happy.
  • The clients family use the clients Motability car to go shopping, the client is unable to go out on that day and therefore becomes distressed. The staff member informs the line manager or explains the importance of needing the vehicle to the family, and how not being able to go out has caused distress to the client.
  • Staff are not communicating appropriately with a client, the client doesn’t know what is happening which causes distress. Staff are given tips to help with communication.
  • A client attends a fundraising event, other children at the event are popping balloons which causes distress to the client as the client is sensitive to sudden noise.   The staff member speaks to the organiser of the event to explain why this activity is causing the client distress.

Use to answer question 5.4a of the Care Certificate

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