The Importance of Finding out the History, Preferences, Wishes and Needs

The importance of finding out the history, preferences, wishes and needs of the individual

It is important to get to know the individual you support and find out about their history, preferences, needs and wishes so that you are aware of their likes, dislikes and personal ways. A person’s history has a bearing on their current position; what they did in the past and what they enjoyed are important to how they should be cared for in the present (e.g. if they used to be an active gardener but their mobility now hinders this, you can adapt the activity to allow them to pursue this interest in another way i.e. potted plants).

By tailoring the support you provide to their history, preferences, needs and wishes an individual is enabled to undertake activities they enjoy and meet their needs, allowing them to live the life they choose. Support should be about helping the individual to achieve their goals and not limiting their options.

Use to answer question 5.2a of the Care Certificate

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