Formal and Informal Sources of Support for Learning and Development

Formal Support

  • Your Line Manager/ Supervisor is the first point of call to discuss how to address a learning need. Your line manager will undertake regular supervision and appraisal sessions with you and help you draw up a Personal Development and Learning Plan and record your learning on a Continuing Professional Development log. See topic 2.12 for ‘Supervision and Appraisal’, topic 2.1 for ‘Personal Development and Learning Plans’ and topic 2.11 for ‘Continuing Personal Development (CPD)’.
  • Independent Assessors such as NVQ assessors will need to assess your work in relation to a particular qualification framework.
  • Workplace Assessors are senior staff within the organisation who assess particular areas of competence and skill in relation to qualifications and general quality assurance checks.
  • Subject Specialists are people who are knowledgeable in particular areas such as moving & handling, behaviour support or undertaking complex health need tasks. They will provide client/ subject specific support as required.
  • Shadowing of experienced staff. All staff new to a client will shadow senior or experienced staff to understand the skills and knowledge required to work with the individual competently prior to working unsupervised.
  • SCILS www.scils.co.uk and Skills for Care Websites www.skillsforcare.org.uk

Informal Support

  • Team meetings where information will be given about specific topics and ethical dilemmas discussed. There is an opportunity for staff to raise queries/ concerns at the meeting.
  • Discussions with Line Manager outside supervision about how to do something or check that what we think we should do is in line with policy and practice.
  • Other formal and informal events i.e. Trade Fairs, training events etc.Colleagues, particularly when working in a team which is functioning well could be a valuable source of day to day support, however you must bear in mind that some colleagues, even those with long – term experience may not necessarily advise you correctly.

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