Supervision and Appraisal


Formal supervision meetings provide an opportunity to discuss performance, development and service issues with your line manager on a one to one basis.

They are carried out to:

  • Improve outcomes for Clients.
  • Support staff in all aspects of their work and ensure they are clear about their rights and responsibilities as an employee, what their job involves and the procedures in place to help them carry it out well, Active’s beliefs, values and culture, including how to put these values into practice
  • Enable staff to perform to the best of their ability and potential by providing opportunities for them to reflect on their practice.
  • Encourage and support development in their current role and career progression.
  • Ensure that services are delivered in accordance with Regulations.
  • Facilitate continuous improvement in individual, team and organisational working practice.

Annual Appraisal

This is a formal process to review how well you are working and making progress. Appraisals are undertaken at the end of your probationary period and then annually thereafter. Appraisals may be brought forward if required.

After the appraisal but at the same meeting you will work with your Manager to update your personal development and learning plan.


Frequency of Supervision and Appraisal

24 weeks Induction Period –  2-weekly supervisions undertaken in a variety of ways including drawing up of personal development and learning plan at 8 week Supervision

On completion of Induction Period  – Appraisal meeting, draw up personal development and learning plan and start Continual professional development plan

Supervisions  8 weekly also update continual professional development plan and monitor personal development and learning plan

Direct observations   6-monthly minimum

Appraisal –   12 months and draw up new personal development and learning plan

Additional supervision sessions will be provided to support staff where required. You can ask for additional supervision sessions at any time. Active adopts an open door policy. Contact us with any queries at any time.

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