Sensory play is vital for a child’s brain development and encourages learning.  The Sense project aims to reach out to parents and community groups in North, East and Central Halifax, working with children aged 2 to 4.  We hope to improve children’s social, emotional and communication skills, and help to encourage sensory play in the lives and homes of the families we work with.  Sensory play is any play which stimulates the senses: touch, smell, taste, sight and hearing.  Balance and muscle movement are also important inner senses.  Stimulating neural pathways through sensory experiences is a crucial part of children’s early brain development.  By providing outreach sessions for existing children’s groups and community groups, we can give you and your child the opportunity to experience and learn about sensory play and provide you with ideas to use at home.  Sensory play in the home is easy!  It can be done at little or no cost, using basic household items and store cupboard ingredients.  Examples might include: homemade treasure baskets, scented play dough, rainbow rice or foam, cornflour slime, lentil shakers and sensory bottles.  Have fun with it!

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