Out & About in the Community

out-aboutActive offer a range of opportunities that enable service users to fully participate in their communities. We support service users to explore the range of activities available so they
can choose the ones that best help them achieve their goals and aspirations.

Active work with service users to determine the level and type of support required to engage safely and effectively in the activities they choose. The focus of the service is to develop skills and increase confidence levels so that service users can maximise independence and control over their lives.

We work with service users to help them try new things, increase their range of experiences and take positive risks in a managed way when the time is right.

Active offers the following range of services:

  • One to one tailored support to access leisure, social, educational, volunteer or work related activities or community facilities.
  • Organised group outings and trips (wheelchair accessible vehicles used) e.g. shopping centres, restaurants, places of interest.
  • Special interest groups with people interested in a particular activity e.g. swimming, photography, walking, pylons.
  • Sharing of support workers by a self-defined group e.g. a group of friends who want support at a music concert, weekend away.
  • Volunteer matching service

If you require any further information, please either contact us on 01484 544100. Alternatively email [email protected].

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