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Category 1

Nicola Moorhouse – “Nicola includes all of the clients in the centre and not just the clients she is working with, Nicola also involves and encourages staff to do well” – Michelle Davies

Category 2

Lisa Maturine – “Lisa was new to the house when a new client came in, Lisa did a few tough shifts but has really gotten to know this client and has helped others with getting to know him too. Lisa is very confident and has helped the client go out and about in the community and to the 629! – Martin Brook

Category 3

Dionne Kellman – “Dionne has stayed and helped fix the leaking roof when the weather was appalling. She has also stepped in to cover at the last minute and helped with 629 to cover sickness.” – Julie Bailey

Category 4

Brent Hawkins – “Brent has shown courage and innovation in a recent event, Brent felt that something wasn’t right when a client didn’t answer the door, he was concerned and called the police. Brent saved a life and is a true hero!” – Daisy Hall

To read more on this check out “Brent’s Story” on the website’s News, stories and events.

Category 5

Sam Hutchinson – “Sam always picks up and helps out where she can!” – Daisy Hall

Category 6

Dan Day – “Dan and Zahra devised an example of how to fill in the ABC form for a client so his staff can see the kind of answer that is expected.” – Cath Bowers

“Dan has been brilliant with helping cover shifts this month, thank you Dan!” – Daisy Hall

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