Active would like to give a special thank you to all of the staff below who went the extra mile during the adverse weather…


Claire Booth – “I would like to thank Claire for been so understanding during the snow days. She understood straight away that the weather conditions may mean she would have had to stay with Michael. She was willing to stay through the day with Michael having just done a night shift and showed a real positive attitude by offering this. Claire parked her car at the end of her road to ensure she would be able to get to the waking night shift that same evening. I can’t praise Claire enough!”

Danielle Firth – “I would like to thank Danielle for managing to get to shift during the extreme weather conditions. This shows real commitment, courage and responsibility.”

Mark Massey – “I would like to thank Mark for remaining on shift after a night shift on Thursday 1st March when staff were unable to get to shift”.

Sam Hutchinson – “Sam has shown both commitment and responsibility during the snow days. Sam cancelled whatever plans she had made for the day and remained on shift due to staff been unable to get to their shift. Sam’s openness to staying on shift was really appreciated”.

Steve Ramsey – “I would like to thank Steve for organising cover for his shift as he was unable to make it due to the snow. This was appreciated”.

Active Social Care’s Staff – “I would like to take this opportunity to pass on sincere thanks for all your hard work during the recent spell of very bad weather. We appreciate that the snow and ice causes significant disruption for home care providers and we know how hard you and your teams work to ensure services get the best possible service during these challenging times”. – Simon Baker –  Head of Commissioning Partnerships and Market Development

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