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Sam Hutchinson

“Sam used all of her client’s objects of reference on the build up to planning to go out, she mirrored his noises, sung his favourite songs and was really positive. Sam encouraged him to get involved in all tasks and didn’t just do things for him.

Sam chatted to him in the car and all the way round the park and encouraged him to choose the routes he wanted to take. Sam’s positivity and praise helped to keep him anxieties low and in such a good mood. He was so relaxed with her and laughed/smiled the whole afternoon.” – Steph Denison – Communications Manager

Sam – “First of all thanks a lot much appreciated. I will continue to engage and support my client/clients in a person centre way base on the communication plan in their care plan. Am also happy to learn any new methods of communication that is available to help me communicate effectively with my clients and provide a smooth-running service to reduce any anxiety that may occur.”

Karen – “Great work Sam!!! Organising all the items you need prior to undertaking a task is key in providing effective support. Communication is king and it’s great that you used a range of techniques to do this and created opportunities for the client to make choices. Fantastic example of how Person Centred Active Support can ensure a client is engaged in activities but most importantly have a happy and meaningful day! Thanks for your dedication and professionalism Sam.”

Sue – Clients mother – “Its great to have such positive feedback and to be kept in the know!”



Leah Furze

“Leah is dedicated to two very complex clients, one of her clients has extreme difficulty transitioning between locations and requires a very positive and encouraging approach to ensure he can attend his day centre and get the most from his day. Leah maintains this positive and encouraging approach by being happy and enthusiastic verbally and physically. Keep up the good work Leah.” – Martin Brook – Positive Behaviour Manager

Leah – “Thank you for this reward! I can’t put in to words how happy/overwhelmed I am for receiving this. I give my 100% effort at work and try and reach all clients outcomes. Thank you once again!”

Karen – “Well done Leah! We are all responsible for creating a happy and positive atmosphere and your enthusiastic, upbeat approach certainly does that. Our clients are often sensitive to atmosphere and negative vibes can effect their moods and behaviour’s. It’s great when whole teams can work in this positive way as this creates a ‘can do’ culture and everyone goes home happy!!! You’re a star Leah, keep smiling :)”



Sameena Lunat

Sameena has picked up extra shifts at the centre and has shown flexibility, adaptability and professionalism as always whilst at work. She has shown professionalism by following the correct procedures and communicated effectively with me to help cover shifts. This ensures smooth running.” – Julie Bailey – Rota co-ordinator

Sameena – “During school holiday’s period I have helped out Julie with centre’s Option, Ovenden (kids) & Newsome (adult) working with clients.

It was my pleasure to work for Julie as my timesheet (rota) was send always on time and all in advance when she needed cover for any shifts well organised!”

Karen – “You are turning out to be a serial award winner Sameena! Working in accordance with company procedures ensures everyone is safe and that you are following best practice guidelines to provide the best possible support to your clients. This is really effective team work Sameena and your continued commitment and professionalism is very much appreciated.”



Nasreen Ahktar

“Nasreen has displayed empathy towards her client, her client recently had a bereavement in the family and was upset, Nasreen was very enthusiastic when encouraging her client to participate in activities outside the home.” – Kerry Wood – Care Senior

Below is a compliment from the client’s daughter.

“Nasreen is absolutely brilliant with mum. They have a lovely relationship and she has a very kind, caring nature.” – Clients Daughter

Nasreen – “To ensure good service I always put the client’s needs first and make sure they are included and have their independence. Thank you.”

Karen – “Great, caring attitude Nasreen and a brilliant example of person-centred support. Adapting how you worked with your client to sensitively help them through a difficult period is excellent work and I’m sure made a huge difference to the client and her family. Thank you so much for your caring attitude and professionalism.



Jackie Fussel

“Jackie is such a valued member of the team, she is dedicated to Active and we are very grateful! Recently Jackie covered care right up to her wedding and covered care straight after whilst running her own business!  Thanks Jackie!” – Daisy Hall Care Manager

Jackie – “Wow thank you so much.  I love my job and it’s great to be appreciated.  Owning my own business, I know how difficult it is to cover to shifts especially in the care sector.  I am and always will be willing to cover wherever possible even when sometimes it means cancelling my own plans. It’s the nature of our job our clients need us to live their lives to the fullest.

Active is a great company to work for. It’s all about pulling together and working as a team.”

Karen – “Thank you Jackie for your dedication to your clients, colleagues and Active. It’s really important that clients are supported by a consistent team of people that care and know them well. I hope you had a great wedding, congratulations:)”



Cath Bowers

“Cath Bowers is always helpful but recently while updating the centre paperwork she has been very much appreciated. She looks into things thoroughly, making sure nothing is missed while guiding people in the right direction along the way. Cath always has a smile on her face, Thanks Cath!!”Sharon Weavill – Day Centre Manager

Cath – “I like to work as a team so we can pool our ideas together and get everyone’s perspective rather than just one person’s ideas, I always say there is no I in team!”

Karen – “Great work as always Cath! Inspectors always comment on the quality of our files and audit processes that enable us to provide the best possible support to our clients. Your attention to detail and supportive approach towards colleagues is appreciated by everyone. We don’t say it enough but thanks Cath :)”


Karen’s Category

Melanie Innes, Craig Brook, Shirley Bellanfante and Annette Robinson

“Thank you to Mel, Annette and Craig for your determination in getting Webroster and payroll up and running using the new system. Your patience is greatly appreciated!”Karen Pogson – Registered Manager/Director


Melanie – “I come to work every day with the intention of giving 100% to my role and also help as much as I can with any questions from colleagues from other departments”

Craig – “Thank you for the recognition of the hard work we all put in each day in the finance team. I come to work each day with a positive mind-set and attitude so that I am prepared and ready for any tasks or queries that are thrown at me. I put 100% effort into the jobs I do and I am also willing to take on new tasks and learn new things.”

Annette – “Thank you so much for the award it’s great to be appreciated for all the hard work done by the Finance Team. The transition onto the new system has been very challenging at times but I have tried to support everyone with the move and assist with any problems to achieve the results we needed.

Here in finance we all give 100% to ensure that everything is done within the set deadlines for invoicing, payroll and all accounting functions. We all work together as a team to support each other and with a positive attitude and good morale this makes it a great department to be part of.”

Shirley – “That’s a lovely surprise, it is so nice to be recognised for all the hard work that goes on behind the scenes in the Finance Department.”


Sharon – “Actually I suppose we take your professionalism and dedication for granted but everyone gets paid on time correctly and any issues dealt with promptly. We do appreciate everything you do, keep up the good work!”

Martin “Keep up the good work team, your department is a well-oiled machine.”




“For her team work in helping a client settle down and helping with numerous packages this month.

Thanks Sharon, we really appreciate your help.” Karen Pogson – Registered Manager/Director

Sharon – “It’s great to be part of a team who are willing to help each other find solutions, all for the good of the clients. Thank you.”


Martin – “Thanks Sharon, your help has resulted in an even higher quality of care for our clients and it is great to be part of a team where we work so well together.”



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