Active's stars


Sandra Bolton

“Sandra always uses her BSL skills with her clients. She’s very enthusiastic and encourages other staff and clients to use signs throughout the centres.” – Steph Denison – Communications Manager

Sandra – “To provide a good service I like to spread my knowledge to other staff and clients. I like to use as many different communication methods as I can when talking to groups of staff and clients so that it is inclusive but also to teaches new ways of communicating. When clients or staff ask me what the sign is for something I show them but I also tell them the meaning of the sign so that it will help them remember it.”

“Communication is ‘king’ and as Sandra says is the key to enabling clients to make choices and participate meaningfully in activities. We can always find ways to communicate with all our clients and it’s great to see the efforts you are all going to. Thanks Sandra for sharing your knowledge and your huge contrition to improving how clients experience the day. – Karen Pogson – Registered Manager/Director



Michael Flowers

“Due to high demand Active have needed extra male car drivers out in the field.

This is a big change from Michael’s job role on rota’s, Michael did this for the benefit of Active and has worked really well with managing behaviours and is now considered a strong member of the support staff team.

Well done Michael, keep up the good work.” – Martin Brook – Positive Behaviour Manager

Michael – “Thank you for this award, I try my best in all that I do to ensure I provide the best possible service by listening to instructions and following written plans so that I am prepared before meeting and working with new clients. I am glad that my hard work has been recognised and that I am considered a strong member of the team!”

“Being prepared and organising everything you need before a shift and individual activities is the key to a successful day. The support plans have been written to reflect what the clients want to achieve, how they want to be supported, best practice guidelines and risk management strategies. It is really important that everyone makes sure they understand these, ask questions if not sure and let’s their supervisor know if they think it needs changing or if they have some good ideas to improve it. Your commitment to doing a good job Michael shines through and I’m sure this is appreciated by all of us but most importantly our clients.” – Karen Pogson – Registered Manager/Director



Nathan Kelly

“Nathan is a solid member of staff, he is always consistent and reliable. He has a fantastic professional relationship with his clients and has never had a day off sick in over 4 and a half years, he deserves an award!” – Julie Bailey – Rota Co-ordinator

Nathan – “I like to maintain my professional relationships with my client by always putting the effort in and encouraging my clients to go out and about in the community. I maintain a healthy lifestyle at home the best that I can to keep myself fit and well for work.”

“Continuity of care is really important to our clients and reliable, committed staff help achieve this. It is really disruptive to everyone when staff are suddenly unable to undertake their shift, although we understand there can be good reasons for this. Everyone has the responsibility to ensure they are fit for work and organising our social lives around our shifts is part of this. Looking after ourselves and maintaining a healthy lifestyle goes a long way to also managing stress and cope with whatever challenges the day brings. Thanks for taking your responsibilities seriously Nathan and giving your clients the best day you can.” – Karen Pogson – Registered Manager/Director



Jourdan Edwards

Jourdan has received 3 compliments this month, Zee wanted Jourdan to win under his category to show how much he has appreciated him however because Jourdan has received 3 compliments he has been awarded under Adaptability and responsibility! Well done Jourdan!!!!

“Since coming on board, Jourdan has shown great commitment to his role and has been very flexible in covering shifts, Jourdan has been receiving great feedback from colleagues and family in the field. Jourdan has been fantastic in communicating with the rota team which has allowed a healthy working relationship. Jourdan has good time management and is well organised.” – Zee Faridi – Rota Senior

“I think Jourdan is great, he seemed to just really understand our son from the start. He can see he’s intelligent and works really well with him. I think he’s got some really good potential”. – Clients Parent

“I would like to highlight the great start that Jourdan has had with Active. Jourdan has taken on every single piece of information given to him and faced each challenge with a positive attitude. Jourdan has remained in contact with the office every turn and has been received really well from his clients and their families”. – Martin Brook – Positive Behaviour Manager

Jourdan – “I ensure that I am there professionally for my clients and their family and I treat my clients and their family how I would like to be treated if it was me in their position.”

“The CQC has a ‘mum’ test statement that they regularly ask people who work in the service which is ‘ would the service you work in and deliver be good enough for your mum or loved one?’ So, treating everyone how you would like to be treated goes a long way to achieving this. I love how you phrased this Jourdan and it is as simple as respecting everyone enough to treat them how you would want to be treated. I always think that if you practice this value everything else will naturally fall into place and obviously that is what has happened. I’ve also heard lots of positive comments about your work from a client’s mum and the managers in the office. Keep it up Jourdan ‘great care improves people’s lives’.” – Karen Pogson – Registered Manager/Director



Lucie Walsworth

“I would like to thank Lucie for stepping in at the last minute when nobody else could to help cover my shift, it was greatly appreciated when I thought it wasn’t going to be able to be covered. I would also like to thank Lucie for the support and advice she gives me for work, helping others improve their practice. Thank you Lucie!!!!!.” – Sharna Morris Support Worker 

“Thanks for stepping in at the last-minute Lucie, your consistency is key!” – Zee Faridi – Rota Senior

Lucie – “I make sure I am punctual by always turning up to my shifts on time to ensure I am a reliable member of staff. I always give my clients options so they can make their own decisions where possible.”

“Lucie you are so professional. It’s great to see your colleague taking the time to appreciate your efforts and recognise the support you have given her. It is a demanding job at the end of the day and we need to support each other to get through the challenging times and become more resilient.

Good luck with your new arrival you’ll be a brilliant mum and we hope you’ll be back providing fantastic care to all the clients and families that appreciate your work.” – Karen Pogson – Registered Manager/Director


Martin Brook

“Martin has gone out of his way to offer help to Newsome in covering shifts with packages that are difficult to cover. He has worked from a company perspective as opposed to a departmental approach!”– Sharon Weavill – Centre Manager

Martin also received another compliment

“I found the case study presented at the positive and proactive champions group to be informative and very well presented by Steph and Martin, who are extremely enthusiastic and a credit to Active. The part of the case study I particularly liked was the balanced approach that had been taking on improving the service users level of engagement and lifestyle, but recognising that this may trigger challenging behaviour, however on the flip side you could take the approach of not promote engagement and an active lifestyle would see less challenging behaviour if he was just left to do his own thing, which would not have given this young man the opportunities and quality of life he is now experiencing” – Sarah Bainton – Carlton Care Group

Martin – “Thanks, the recognition is appreciated. I always try to ensure we remember we are one team and as one team we will face what the day brings us.”

“’Teamwork makes the dream work’. It’s easy to sometimes to get wrapped up in our own areas of work isn’t it but we get a better all-around result when we work together. Newsome does a lot to support our home care service and it’s nice to hear that is being reciprocated.

Also, excellent work with the development of the company’s behaviour management systems. We really are becoming one of the leading companies in this area now!!!! Well done everyone!!!” – Karen Pogson – Registered Manager/Director





Pam Jowitt and Andie

“With a tremendous joint effort from Pam and Andi they have shopped, chopped, prepped and cooked a chilli, a chicken curry and a spaghetti bolognaise. Tomorrow they are making turkey burgers, veg lasagne and stir-fry”Sharon Weavill – Centre Manager


Andie – “Thank you very much to everyone for this it’s really a nice gesture, it’s a nice boost, on a day to day bases I accommodate all client’s dietary needs and personal preferences where possible it’s nice to know this is appreciated many thanks to everyone.”


Pam – “I have used my own knowledge to take meals that certain clients like and replace them with healthy alternatives without taking away the flavour, I encourage staff to use alternative words to negative words that are associated with healthy eating.  We are working as a team to provide plates that have realistic portion sizes without completely filling it up with salad!”

“Thank you, Pam and Andie, for helping us find a way to support 2 of our clients achieve their goal to attend a Weight Watchers class and lose weight to improve their health. We were really struggling to find a way to support the clients to understand the diet plan. I love how you have worked with the clients to choose the meals they would like to have, batch cooked and frozen them and designed a picture menu for them to choose from. This is excellent work that I’m sure will help the clients achieve their goals and improve their health. Thank you so much for your creativity and caring approach.” – Karen Pogson – Registered Manager/Director

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