Active's stars


Bryony Shaw

” Recently Bryony has shown great communication skills with a client, implementing all the person-centred training that she has undertaken and used these skills. Bryony is not afraid to ask if unsure of a sign and Bryony’s enthusiasm to learn BSL shines through her work. Bryony used the BSL signs that she had learnt along with the hand under hand technique on every shift. Since undertaking all of the training, Bryony’s work has seen massive improvements. Bryony deescalated a situation by using hand under hand technique to reinforce information to the client.” – Michelle Davis – Communications Senior

Bryony – “Wow! Thank you. I love BSL and use it as much as I can with my clients and members of staff, that way it stays fresh in my head. I love how it helps me communicate with my clients and how much easier it makes their communication with me.  Me and Michelle communicate with each other through BSL so it helps me develop my skills. Thanks again.”



Jasmine Robinson

“Jasmine has taken her role very seriously and is much-valued member of the team. Jasmine understands the importance of following agreed ways of working and does so. Jasmine is a strong competent staff member who has a passion for the job and is ‘smashing it’. Jasmine is allowing herself a healthy amount of sleep making sure she is prepared for long hours at work, Jasmine has responded to advice very positively to make sure she has the right work-life balance.” – Martin Brook – Positive Behaviour Manager

Jasmine – “Thank you for this, I care about my clients and work hard to see their outcomes achieved.”



Karen Robinson

“Karen Robinson who as a driver is always accommodating when transport changes at the drop of a hat. Her flexibility is second to none and her reliability and time keeping is the best.” – Julie Bailey – Rota Co-ordinator

Karen also got a compliment from Rebecca Calvert

“She is the handy women for Ovenden day centre, she has given Ovenden the TLC it needed this week by fixed broken items. She’s always popping in and out doing shopping, DIY, collecting things/ dropping things off as and when needed. She shows good work ethic.” – Rebecca Calvert – Ovenden Centre Coordinator

Karen – “Thank you, my sole role is to make sure the clients have a very special day with us.”



Luke Lortie

 “Luke is always willing to come in early if needed, he’s offered to clean the ball pools and clean the centre again providing we give him enough notice to do so. He works brilliant with his clients and shows enthusiasm. Luke’s work performance is great. He is willing to take on anything within work and helps out whenever he can.”

.” – Rebecca Calvert – Ovenden Centre Coordinator

Luke Lortie – “I maintain good communication by always asking my superiors for information on any aspect or situation I have to approach and some cases will also communicate with my fellow colleagues to find out any information from them.”



Josianne Simtaji

“Josianne has helped out a few times at the last minute. She has helped out on Saturday night to cover a night shift with an hours’ notice, if she didn’t do this it would have been me! She was in Manchester and showed commitment to the cause by coming back to Huddersfield to cover the shift.” – Ashley Craven – Rota Manager

Josianne – “I would you like to say thank you for choosing me to win an award for working hard, I work hard in my job and make sure I am available for work as much as possible so I can care for and support my clients.”



Sarah Booth

Sarah has been able to demonstrate that she is courageous by speaking up when she had a concern about her client’s medication and fighting to do the right thing for her client by persisting with the pharmacist. We are proud of Sarah and deserves to be recognised for her outstanding work, as detailed in the compliment below:

“Sarah has been updating the file for a client and Active has taken on more responsibility for medication.

The previous provider doesn’t appear to have checked with the pharmacy that one of the meds needs to be taken at least 30 minutes after the others or it can cause side effects.

The pharmacist didn’t want to change it and was very obstructive with Sarah but she persisted until they looked at it again.

This morning we got the call that they are now supplying the 1st medicine not in the dosette box with the others so they can be taken separately.

We will have to see if the client benefits from this, as she has dementia so might not be able to explain how she feels, but reduced side effects have to be a bonus!

I believe this demonstrated courage – as Sarah had to stick to her guns despite pressure to not bother from the pharmacist and receptionist.” – Catherine Bowers – Monitoring and dev elopement manager

” – Maria Semertzidou – Human Resources Manager

Sarah – “Thank you very much for this, I always try my best. Great care changes peoples lives!”



Jennifer Hirstle and Chelsea Hillam

“Thank you for all the hard work you have put into the digitalisation.” – Karen Pogson – Registered Manager/Director

Jennifer – “I am very grateful for this award, thank you to everyone in the team for helping us get to where we need to be. Keep powering through everyone!”

Chelsea – “Many thanks for this award, I look forward to working together in the development of actives digitalisation’’


Richard Greenwood

Richard Greenwood has gone above and beyond when supporting his client while he has been ill. Richard has totally dedicated himself to the client and this been reassuring to his family at this difficult time.” – Karen Pogson – Registered Manager/Director

Richard Greenwood – “I always try to give the best care and support that I can to my clients and their families, I make sure that they can trust me and relax knowing that everything is going to be ok.”


Sarah Ellis

Sarah Ellis has supported her client and her mother through a very difficult period. Nothing has been too much for Sarah and she has worked outside her regular hours to make sure the family are safe and cared for.” – Karen Pogson – Registered Manager/Director


Sarah Ellis – “I care passionately about my job and like to think I can help people who need help in their hour of need so they feel safe and listened to. It does also help that I am just fabulous……”

very proud to be working with...