Active's stars


Kimberley Mallinson

 “Kimberley raised that she felt her client would benefit from a communication system as he is non-verbal and they find it difficult to understand what he wants and needs. From this suggestion I went to his school and replicated the choice board and emotion pictures they use with him there. He is now able to choose what he wants and let his staff know how he is feeling by using the boards. Well done for recognising this need and helping your client communicate.”. – Steph Denison – Communications Manager

Kimberley – “I discussed with other members of staff what their experiences were when working with our client, together we found that our client would benefit from a new communication system.”



Josh Thomas

“Josh has been truly devoted to one of his clients throughout the years but specifically throughout his client’s recent transition period, Josh has played an integral role in building his team up now he receives 2-1 support. When his client has shown challenging behaviours, Josh has de-escalated the situation and made sure all the important information has been passed on.” – Martin Brook – Positive Behaviour Manager

Josh – “I always find out what my clients likes and dislikes are as this plays a big part in their life, I work towards the best for them!”



Amna Iqbal

“She is relatively new to the centre and has settled in really well. Amna is always willing to help wherever possible and has covered transport at the last minute when we have had sickness. She always has a smile.” – Julie Bailey – Rota Co-ordinator

Amna – “I always make myself available because my clients come first, in my job role, clients are at the heart of what I do so it is important that I keep a positive attitude.”



Paula Thornley

 “Paula is always really enthusiastic and nothing is ever too much trouble.  When J asks her to play dolls, she sits on the floor with J (at her level) she helps J to dress/undress the dolls or feed them.  They will create social scenes together like going to the shops or going out for the day and Paula joins in making the voices etc or has a doll herself so she can join in the play.  Paula takes J to the park so J can push the doll in the swing.  If other children are at the park Paula will sometimes move away so that J can talk to friends and be independent.

When playing games Paula is actively involved in the game and doesn’t just let J win (as some people do) but shows she is pleased when J is doing well.  Sometimes Paula makes suggestions on things they could do or games they can play.

J came across one of the children who has bullied her whilst she was shopping.  Paula wheeled J to an area in the shop where she felt safer, reassured her and calmed her down.  J felt able to openly talk to Paula about how she felt as she has a good relationship with her.

At brownies Paula is helpful, when J is doing something independently, Paula will help other brownies who are not as confident rather than just sitting back and doing nothing.   Paula makes sure J is included in the games they play.  J recently helped the brownies to achieve their disability awareness badge, Paula assisted by helping J organise wheelchair accessible games and for J to do a presentation on disability to them.  Paula was as proud of J as we were. The brownie leaders have said how enthusiastic Paula is when she is there.” – Sarah Wade Rathbone – Training and Development Manager

Paula Thornley – “I am so shocked but thankful to receive an award. Myself and my client, as well as my many other clients, have developed an amazing relationship and we always make each other laugh!

I make sure I promote my client’s independence as much as possible, my client is very independent so I can stand back and let her lead the way with many things but I am always there to help her if she needs me whether this is physical or emotional support.

I loved playing mummy’s and babies with dolls when I was my client’s age so when I play with my client now…. Secretly, it’s still fun!”



Coralee Javis

“Coralee has been very helpful in that she is flexible with what she can do, she steps in to help out when we need her and she is always open to feedback so that she is able to adapt to the needs of her client.” – Zee Faridi – Rota Senior

Coralee – “I make sure when I am on shift I attempt to reach clients outcomes and provide the care they need.”



Clare Hainsworth

“Clare has been working hard on a support plan for a client package that has presented a lot of challenges over the last few weeks. She has been giving a lot of support to the senior of the package who said…

“Clare is always there to help me in areas that have been new to me, teaching me new tactics of approach and giving full support at all times.” – Kerry Wood

Clare also received an outstanding compliment from the CQC inspector this month who said that the moving and handling risk assessments made by Clare were the best she had ever seen. Well done Clare! ” – Maria Semertzidou – Human Resources Manager

Clare – “When working in a team, it is important that you support each other. I support my colleagues when working together to make sure we solve problems quickly and efficiently.”



Maria Semertzidou and Caitlin Bottom

“Maria and Caitlin went above and beyond dedicating themselves to the CQC inspection working tirelessly throughout.” – Karen Pogson –  Registered Manager/Director

Maria – “I’m very grateful for this recognition. I feel like the whole team worked so hard to demonstrate how well we work as a company and I wanted to ensure that the inspectors had all the evidence they needed to showcase this so that Active could get the recognition it deserves! Well done to everyone! ”

Caitlin – “I try super duper hard to work as fast as possible to reach the highest standard of work as I can!”

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