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Category 1 winners are

Michelle Davies for “engaging with not only her client but everyone in the room, using different techniques the best suits the client she is engaging with.” – Steph Denison
Lily Gibson for “Bringing the room together wherever she is by engaging with every client, Lily shows enthusiasm when wanting to learn new communication skills.” – Michelle Davies and Steph Denison

Category 2 winners are

Adam Smith for “stepping in when he doesn’t have to but help is needed, his initiative and willingness really makes a difference.” – Simone Kelly
Jade Ditchfield for “being very willing, confident and stepping in when needed. Jade will always pass on valuable knowledge and practice to other staff members to ensure everyone is up to date. Jade is a fantastic role model!” – Martin Brook

Category 3 winners are

Sandra Bolton for “really helping out when we need it, Sandra is very committed and consistently works hard.” – Julie Bailey
Joanne Williamson for “always willing to help out wherever she can, Joanne truly deserves this recognition.” – Julie Bailey

Category 4 winners are

Tina Campbell for “giving 100% and being truly positive in all she does, Tina is a pleasure to work with.” – Kerry Wood, Clare Hainsworth and Bev Holmes
Deborah Heap for “going above and beyond when doing her work, making sure every aspect is covered.” – Kerry Wood

Category 5 winners are

Robert Barden for “being absolutely fantastic from the start, he has such a good rapport with both staff and clients.” – Daisy and Zee
William Dymond for “being consistent, reliable and very committed to his clients.” – Daisy and Zee

Category 6 winners are

Maria Semertzidou as “She has so much time for everyone who comes into the office including everyone who works in the office. She never says she’s busy or doesn’t have time to show someone how to do something. If anyone is ever feeling overwhelmed Maria is the first to help and reassure them.” – Steph Denison and Sharon Weavill
Paige Wright for “being absolutely exceptional. She was very prompt, friendly, thorough and sensitive throughout the entire meeting. She took the time to go through the support plan in detail (I noted where she could have easily rushed and summarised paragraphs but she didn’t). She listened well and asked for my thoughts and it was clear to see that she loved her work and cared about the subject matter and people in general. She explained the contract even though it’s all the ‘usual things’ and was considerate in offering to return to explain anything further that wasn’t clear. I just wanted you to know that she was very good at delivering the review and it was a joy to meet her and discuss our situation with her.” – Heather D Ross Finance, Risk & Performance: Financial Management, Kirklees Council.


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