Bee App


You may have seen barcodes in client’s home files, centres or the offices and you also may have heard of people downloading the Bee App to sign in and out. Here is a brief update on what this Bee App is and why we are all downloading it.

We will all be downloading the Bee App to our phones to sign in and out of shifts and receive our rotas. If you haven’t already been set up, contact your senior for them to help set you up either over the phone or in person.

Here are the benefits for clients and staff

    • If staff work over their finish time they will be paid providing they give us a valid reason to why they worked over.
    • The regular occurrence of staff working over will also kick-start a request for extra care and will provide us with evidence that care is now taking longer for some individuals.
    • Staff will be paid when other staff taking over are late.
    • We will know when staff are late or haven’t gone to clients meaning we can respond straight away and organise cover straight away if there are any difficulties with staff staying on.
    • We can investigate complaints of people not turning up or bad their bad punctuality thoroughly as it will become transparent and show the times of arrival and departure.

If you have any questions feel free to contact your senior for more information!

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