Pathways to Health

In the Bradley office we have maps of local walks, these maps are brilliant as they give you lots of guidance on the walk. These are the locations of the walks below:

  • Saville Town and Dewsbury
  • Huddersfield Town
  • Spen and Cleckheaton
  • Batley
  • Windybank
  • Picnic walks in the Colne Valley
  • Dewsbury West
  • Chickenley
  • Crossland Moor
  • Mirfield
  • Thornhill
  • Almondbury
  • Newsome
  • Fartown
  • Golcar
  • Dalton and Rawthorpe
  • Cowersley

Each map comes in a plastic sleeve with 4 different routes, Walk 1 is the shortest of the walks and 4 is the longest. The maps show you where to start, benches where you can sit and other significant sites so you know that you are on track. The maps give you the length of the time it takes for you to walk it, a detailed description of where you need to go, the surface quality and the gradient.

For example, Newsome’s walk 1 is 25 minutes long with a smooth, short even grass, compact stones, earth or similar surface quality and the gradient is Fairly steep up to 1:12.


Come to the office or email to request a map and we will find a way to get it to you or your client.


Happy walking!


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