Top tips for working in severe weather!

Here are some helpful hints to make sure you are prepared for severe weather so that it doesn’t cause any disruption to the service we provide to our clients. As you know, in this line of work we have clients depending on us!

  1. Keep your eye on the weather forecast the day before so you can plan ahead.
  2. Wake up earlier than usual to make sure you have enough time to get to work or de-ice your car.
  3. Keep your car parked on the main road so that you are able to get it out when adverse weather hits.
  4. If you drive and can’t take your car, find public transport.
  5. If you are taking Public transport, check the bus service website to see which buses are still in service and if there are any delays.
  6. If you are walking or find yourself having to walk at any point make sure you are wearing warm and waterproof clothing with suitable shoes.
  7. Keep your phone charged and let us know if you are going to be late to somewhere.
  1. To be extra prepared have a backpack with the following items:
    Spare pair of socks
    Torch (can be provided by the office)
    Alarm (can be provided by the office)

(These items may seem over the top but walking in severe snow can make a journey take longer so make sure you are prepared!)

Remember; fail to prepare, prepare to fail! Stay safe everyone!!

Please can you also make sure that your clients are set for the winter months with the following:

  • The heating is on if it needs to be
  • They have warm food and drinks available
  • They have enough food in the house in case they can’t leave the house and we can’t get there

Kirklees have made a checklist for drivers in the winter, this includes tips for driving in snow and ice.

winter1 winter2

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