A Manifesto for the ordinary


We’re a tiny charity on a big mission – to enable the 1.4million people with learning disabilities in the UK to have an active social life.
We obviously can’t do this on our own so it’s great to have you onboard. We’ll keep you posted on our plans for our campaigning work, and also how we’re planning to get Gig Buddies going in other parts of the UK (and the world!).


What people with learning disabilities have told us they need to be able to lead an ‘ordinary’ life.
• Be able to choose who support us
• Be supported by happy staff who love their job
• Be able to choose our friends and have an active social life
• Be able to choose where we live and who we live with
• Be able to have relationships and the right to a sex life
• Be able to choose what time we go to bed
• Be able to decide how we spend our time
• Be able to be active in our communities
• Be able to have proper paid work
• To not have bad stuff said about us in the media

very proud to be working with...