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Welcome to The Thomas Centre Specialist Autistic Holidays Providers


We provide outstanding facilities for families and groups like yours, on a dedicated 25 acre site, in a safe and non-judgemental environment.


  • Do you dread planning holidays because you cannot find a safe environment that is non-judgemental?
  • Do  you come away feeling more exhausted than when you arrived?
  • Are you a parent of a child that has autism, epilepsy, tourettes or other challenging behaviours?
  • Do you care for young people or adults that have these conditions and others, perhaps in wheelchairs?
  • The Thomas Centre might just be the perfect place for people just like you to enjoy the break you need.

Supported living or residential care providers


We have become a destination of choice for many organisations, including regional branches of The NAS, Autism Care, Mencap, Sense, Options, Priory, Home from Home Care  and The Hesley Group to name just a few. All those in supported living or residential care are most welcome here.


Holidays form part of the “normal life” expectations of those in supported living or residential care, but finding suitable holiday venues can be difficult. We believe that holidays are not necessarily about distance from home, but rather about quality of the experience. We offer outstanding holiday facilities for care staff and the people you care for.

(on a personal note, we do not care much for the term “service users” or “clients” and prefer to use the term “people you care for”. Longer winded we know, but more appropriate don’t you think?).

“We have had such a wonderful time here and we have done things with T that we never would have expected him to do. We will take these new learnings back to his home unit and use this as the new platform from which to develop his skills still further.”

The Hesley Group

If you can access main stream venues such as holidays abroad or larger locations such as Centre Parcs or Butlins, then you probably do not need us.

Equally if you need high security rooms and padded spaces, then we are probably not able to meet your needs,

If you are somewhere in the middle, then we should talk.

The Thomas Centre provides a destination that fills this gap, somewhere for those who cannot access the mainstream locations can come to have a wonderful holiday with their care staff.


We also believe that holiday destinations should be of benefit to the whole group: that is to say also for the benefit of the care staff, the support team and the people you care for.


This may sound a little strange that “the support staff should have an enjoyable time” but we have seen how beneficial this can be for the people you care for.

If care staff feel re-charged and invigorated after a good holiday together, this naturally reflects back in one form or another to the people they care for.

“This has been A’s first ever holiday and he has loved every moment. We did not think holidays for him would be possible. He has had a ball and done nothing but smile, laugh and sing!”

North East Autism

We have many years experience in working with organisations to ensure that we can realistically meet the expectations of you and your team.

We will always be clear and honest with you about the suitability of our venue.

To ensure that your holiday is a success, we always wish to discuss your particular requirements prior to booking.

For this reason we do not provide an on-line booking service, so that we can be sure to match the needs of the people you care for with an the appropriate property.

Call us to discuss the the requirements of your group and please feel free to discuss any specific concerns that you may have.


We can provide you with Risk Assessments and Access Statements upon request.


The Thomas Centre
Covenham St Bartholomew
LN11 0PB

Tel: 01507 363 463

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